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Downhill skiing

Sport Center Bouřňák - Ore Mountains (

  • Altitude 590 - 869 m.n.
  • Number of lifts 0
  • Number of lifts 6
  • Number of slopes 7
  • The total length of the slopes is 6,8 km
  • Running track lengths 70 km

Bouřňák (869 m above sea level) is one of the highest peaks of the Eastern Ore Mountains, making it a suitable location for winter sports. From the top of the Storm you can ride down to six slopes on which everyone will come. The "Údolíčko" ski slope is suitable for children and beginners. Slightly advanced people can improve on the Hrobské sjezdovce, which is the only one on the southern slope. Even demanding skiers will appreciate the exceptional view of the picturesque landscape of the Bohemian Central Mountains. Experienced players can show off their skills on the slalom slope, which is one of the steepest in the Czech Republic. The varied profile of the remaining three ski slopes offers a varied skiing experience.

Sport Centum Bouřňák ensures the downhill skiing area as well as the modification of runways. The axis of the cross-country skiing area is formed by the Krušnohorská magistrála, passing through the ridge. SC Bouřňák adjusts its section between the villages of Dlouhá Louka in the west and Cínovec in the east. In the vicinity of the highway you can find a number of beautiful, less frequented tracks. The most beautiful is the Grünnwald peat bog in the New Town and the Cínovecké peat bog. In both places you will find tracks with low-profile profiles suitable for hiking. At the Nove Mesto Train Station there is a cross-country stadium with a heater, a cloakroom and a buffet, with a range of more demanding homologated tracks and popular 5 and 10 km tracks. There is also a popular Křestnohorská thirty. And as you can find a number of modified trails in neighboring Germany, you can use the pedestrian crossings in Cínovce and Moldava and visit the modern biathlon area of Zinnwald or ride along the abandoned railway embankment from Moldava to Holzhau railway station.

Downhill Difficulty Cant Length
Slalom slope Black 256 m 700 m
Old ski slope Red 258 m 876 m
New ski slope Red 261 m 933 m
Pařezovka Red 166 m 517 m
Tourist slope Blue 238 m 2570 m
Grave slope Red 192 m 925 m
Children's Hill Údolíčko Blue 35 m 300 m

Number of chair lifts / chair lifts 0/5
Shipping capacity 4 185 persons / hour
Total length of tracks 5.64 km
Snowfall 1 km
Altitude 589 - 869 m

Cross country skiing

Sport Centum Bouřňák

Near the railway station ČD Mikulov - Nové Město (mountain railway Most - Dubí - Moldava) there is a ski running stadium with facilities for both skiers - tourists and for races including snacks.

The area of Teplicka has a great advantage for cross-country skiers from Prague and surroundings, like Jizerky, this area is quickly accessible by car and it is worth to go for one-day skiing. You can drive to Dubi nad Teplice by car, leave the car in the parking lot and follow the tourist trail, where it is a good track, to climb the Krušnohorská magistral.

Krušnohorská lyžařská magistrála

Dlouhá Louka - Cínovec: 17 km

Green running track: 10 km

Blue Running Circuit: 5 km

Contact the company responsible for editing cross-country skiing routes:

Surrounding New Town in the Ore Mountains

The circuit is made up of the ideal cross-country terrain in the very attractive landscape of the Ore Mountains. We can see among other things the picturesque valleys of Flájský potok, Puklou skal, Český Jiřetín, the pasture of the Pastviny and the Grünwald Heath.

More info

Krušnohorská bílá stopa

Štola Mikulov







The Lehnschafter Stoll is located in the village Mikulov, street U 82 (towards the station)The Lehnschafter Stoll is one of the oldest parts of the mine. There are a number of carvings dating from 1553 on the walls of the gallery. Many of the corridors of this palace also come from these years.The visitor must occasionally crash a bit, but his reward will be an unusual experience. A visitor can choose one of three prepared routes here. Each tour route is otherwise time consuming and the time spent in the underground will be from one to two hours.

Ticket price: Route A 100 CZK, Route B 120 CZK, Route C 150 CZKAny other hour of the tour 100 CZK (8 hour tour 800 CZK)For more information, visit on Facebook


Mikulov attracts more like a tourist place, especially in the winter months, when the slopes of the Storm offers many opportunities for lovers of winter sports. The historical monument of Mikulov is the Church of St. Nicholas. At the top of the Three Lords, three wind turbines grew and significantly modified the panorama of the mountain ridge.

Hiking trail:

  • Mikulov - Osek: 13,7 km
  • Difficulty: moderate
  • Heading: NO
  • Marking: Marked

The trip begins in Mikulov near the church and continues along the blue tourist sign below the Klínovcik Hill to the New Town. From here on the yellow tourist sign to the top of the Three Lords. At this junction it continues straight to the village of Dlouhá Louka. Here it joins the blue tourist sign and through Osek Castle leads us to Osek, where the trip to the upper station ends.

At about 1km from the village there is a lookout tower on Vlčí hora with a wonderful view. The village is characterized by a church and several typical 19th-century estates from the Ore Mountains. The ruins of Osek Castle, also known as Rýzmburk, stand on a forested hill above Osek. Today the castle is one of the largest ruins in Bohemia. The dominating area is a high prismatic residential tower, the perimeter wall of the castle chapel, another prismatic and cylindrical tower at the gate, and the remnants of the walls. At the crossroads below the castle, a memorable, lime-like lime grows. Castle ruins are freely accessible. The architecturally valuable complex of the city is the Cistercian monastery, which was founded at the end of the 12th century. The dominant feature of the complex is the large abbey church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The monastery is a national cultural monument and some are accessible to the public.

Distance Location Height Marking Description
0 km Mikulov 603 meters above sea level Blue
2,1 km New Town, trafo 805 m asl Bicycle, red Junction with a red and green tourist sign
2.7 km New Town - village 820 m asl Cycle, red, yellow
5,2 km The Three Masters Hill 862 meters above sea level Cycle, yellow Crossroad with red tourist sign
6,8 km Under the Three Lords' Hill 836 meters above sea level Red, yellow Junction with a green tourist sign
9,3 km Long Meadow 872 m asl Red, blue Junction of hiking trails
10.3 km Pod Dlouhou Loukou 769 m asl Blue Crossroad with red tourist sign
12.5 km Castle Osek 426 meters above sea level Red, blue
13.7 km Osek 332 meters above sea level


Krušné hory

forms a natural border between Bohemia and Germany. The height difference between the top platforms and the foothills of the mountain range is up to 700 m. The Krusne Mountains consist of several units, for example from the Klinovecké hornatiny or Čínovecké planiny.

Cycling routes:

Sports opportunities

Krusne hory offers year-round sports activities. You can play golf on one of the oldest golf courses in Europe. The Ore Mountains also offer riding, tennis, squash, yachting, paragliding and a range of cycle paths with a variety of challenges. Ore Mountains offer unlimited possibilities for summer recreation, mountain hiking or cycling trips.

Blatenský vrch

  • Length: 22 km
  • Difficulty: easy
  • Wheels: trekking and road

The cycle trail runs through Boží Dar Rýžovně the Blatenský vrch and back. The aim of the trip is the Blatenský vrch (1043 m. M.). At its top there is a stone lookout tower with a beautiful view of the Ore Mountains. Not far from the Blatenský vrch is the Vlčí jámy Nature Trail, where you can admire the remains of brick shafts.

Krušnohorský okruh

Length: 38 kmObligacy: unobtrusiveTo: trekking and roadTest trekking - moving from place to place.

The path will lead through: God's Dar Myslivna Golden Hill Český Mlýn Pigeon Rocks Red Fox Potky Rýžovnu Boží Dar. Several attractions are on the route. It passes through the Zlatý Kopec Nature Park, the rock formations of the Pigeon Rocks, the Potůčky village with a well-known market place, and part of the route runs alongside the waterworks of the Blaten Moat




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